A simple toothache that turns into a nightmare. This is what happened to a father last year. During his testimony on the program on M6, relayed , he explains that this famous toothache, originally, made him suffer. Problem, his regular dentist is not available for… four months. He decides to make an appointment at a dental center () which will confirm his fears: he must act quickly. He is offered to remove the painful tooth.

“They gave me a panoramic X-ray telling me that the tooth had to be pulled out, that it was no longer good. And then they pulled it out.” The man then says to himself that with one tooth less, he won’t have any more pain. And there is the bewilderment. Back home, he removes the cotton and realizes that he has had his bad tooth removed. He returned to the dental center the next day to have the error noted, and incidentally to obtain compensation, but the scaling he said he was undergoing would turn into a nightmare: “They removed my teeth with the famous scaling, they did in up, down, but at the bottom of the bowls, so it was bleeding”, he says, before adding: “It hurt me.”

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The surprises don’t end there. The dentist will give him another diagnosis: all the teeth must be removed! “Your teeth are screwed up, my poor sir, you have to pull them all out.” There is a solution to all this, a denture for an amount of 3,400 euros. The patient would then only have to pay a little more than 436 euros out of his own pocket, the rest being covered by his mutual insurance company. A year later, he has not seen the color of the promised prosthesis, and the temporary dentures he has been provided with are totally unsuitable.

As he shows in the report, he can’t keep it in his mouth. When he opens it, everything falls out and he has pain on the sides of his lips. “It hurts me a lot,” he said. And this has consequences on daily life. He can no longer eat solid meals and has to make do with soups daily. He has already lost ten kilos. According to France Live, 76 patients would be in a case similar to his and would have filed a complaint against the dental center.