The Denis Suárez case at RC Celta has no solution

From the light blue box they are still waiting for the end of the mess with the midfielder

The Celtic RC continues to close operations for the end of the market and still has to define what will happen to Denis Suarez. The case with the talented player is not resolved as days go by and there is not much room for error left to end his march.

Let’s remember that Carlos Mourino He has notified the footballer that if he does not change his representation agency, he will spend the rest of the year on the bench. This has caused concern for the 28-year-old attacking midfielder. Alternatives have been sought, but none of them have been entirely convincing.

Denis Suarez Espanyol
The attacking midfielder can’t find a way out.

Denis Suárez will not leave RC Celta in this market

In this way it is that in the last few hours it has been determined that the case of Denis Suárez and RC Celta does not seem to be resolved soon. The possibility of going to Serie A in Italy was latent, but it has not been easy to assume. The celestial ones have given all the facilities of the case, but they will not give in to all the claims of the interested parties.

Meanwhile, the player continues to show his discomfort with the club and throws darts at the leadership on social networks. The relationship is totally fractured and the midfielder would be condemned to be in the stands until January. The letter of freedom is something that is not contemplated in the directives of the Celts.

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The player would be condemned to be on the bench until January

Denis Suárez will not move from RC Celta and this could be detrimental to his career. He will not play the matches that he expected and in addition, he will be removed from the main group. Everything seems to indicate that he will have to resign himself and find a way out until the next market. The high cost of him is high that stops several LaLiga Santander teams.

Although he is a highly talented player, the squad that wants to acquire his services will have to pay a good amount. There are 10 million euros in which the footballer who, in addition to the center of the field, can play on the left end, is valued. We will have to wait then for the closing of the summer window, since there could be one or another surprise.

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