The Defender of Rights calls on the government to repatriate “as soon as possible” French children held in camps in Syria

The Defender of Rights, Claire Hédon, asks the government on Friday April 29, in a press release, for the repatriation “as soon as possible, of all the French children detained in the camps in the northeast of Syria”. She asks the government “to honor its international commitments to all French children” held in these Syrian camps.

In her press release, Claire Hédon recalls “that every day spent in these camps endangers the lives of these children exposed to inhuman and degrading treatment which engages the responsibility of the French State”. The defender of rights has been seized since 2017 of complaints from their families.

>>”Why would I be a danger? We have nothing to do here…”: the endless wait for the orphans of French jihadists in the Syrian camp of Roj

This situation, she says, “infringes the most basic rights of particularly vulnerable children”. France “is bound to respect its contractual commitments, in particular its commitments under the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CIDE) which it has ratified”.

The Defender of Rights denounces “an isolated position” of France while Belgium, Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany and Sweden “have proceeded to the repatriation of most of their minor nationals”.

Last Wednesday, the United Families collective, which brings together dozens of French families whose relatives have joined a territory held by Daesh, called in a press release Emmanuel Macron to “begin his second term by repatriating” the children of French jihadists in Syria, “deprived of childhood in open-air prisons”.

The United Families collective ensures that “35 children have been repatriated since 2019” in France, while he estimates that in 2019 “more than 200 children” French were still in Syria. He thus accuses the government of having put in place over the past five years “an unworthy doctrine”the one that aims “to sort out children, choosing to repatriate some of them, but above all to abandon as many of them as possible in these Guantanamos for children”.

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