The defeat in the derby leaves Etxeberria very touched

It was expected that the derby would be the real turning point for Mirandés’ climb up the leaderboard, but nothing could be further from the truth. The defeat against Burgos leaves several marked and Joseba Etxeberria on the wire after the dispute of the first eleven days. The face of the rojillo coach, at the end of the game, says it all. Serious face and face, as was also seen in his appearance prior to the meeting.

Etxeberria does not finish hitting the key and finding an eleven type that offers greater guarantees of success. The wild boar team was in numerical superiority from the 28th minute, but not even for those reasons was it able to achieve victory in El Plantío with a game that was too predictable and very slow in circulation to face the best defense, up to now, of the category.

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Mirandés is the new bottom team and, to add insult to injury, there are no big signs of improvement. The team has conceded 17 goals, an average of one and a half goals per game, and scored a total of ten thanks to the valuable contribution of striker Raúl García de Haro (6). Only three points separate the rojillos from permanence, but the sensations are not at all rosy with a block that is regressing at times, as happened last season with Lolo Escobar on the bench.

Not only Etxeberria is in the eye of the hurricane, but also several players who came to Anduva with the band of future promises and who, for now, have not measured up as wild boars. To all of them is added the main visible head of the project, which is none other than the sports director Chema Aragón. He is the great signal for a good part of the Mirandesista fans. His possible departure to Oviedo in the summer and the late preparation of the squad, somewhat unbalanced according to what was seen at the start of the league, have called into question the transfer policy of recent years.

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