Home World The death toll from forest fires in Algeria has risen

The death toll from forest fires in Algeria has risen

Algeria: Loss of human life has increased in the forest fire in the North African country of Algeria.

The death toll from a forest fire in Algeria has risen to 65, including 28 soldiers and 37 civilians.

According to foreign media reports, 28 soldiers lost their lives trying to put out the fire in the forest۔

According to the Algerian state news agency, fires broke out in 71 locations in 18 provinces of the country, 22 locations in Tzi Ozo, 13 locations in the northeastern coastal provinces of Bijaya and Tarif, and 11 locations in Jijal province. The fight continues. .

Algerian Interior Minister Kamil Baljoud said the fire broke out on Monday, August 9 and blamed criminal-minded people with a keen interest in fanning the flames.

It should be noted that at present forest fires in different countries of the world are still uncontrollable, in some countries of Europe, America and North Africa forest fires have caused severe loss of life and property, several settlements are being evacuated so that Human they can save lives.

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