Home Entertainment The death of the father of the actress Popi

The death of the father of the actress Popi

The death of the father of the actress Popi

Popular actress Sadika Parveen Poppy has lost her father. On Monday morning, Poppy’s father Amir Hossain died while undergoing treatment at a private hospital in the capital. Sources from Poppy’s family confirmed this information to the media.

It is known that Poppy’s father Amir Hossain suffered from various complications due to age.

He was in the hospital for several months. He remained in the intensive care unit of a hospital in the capital until his death. He left from there.

However, it is not known whether the actress Popi will go on her father’s last trip or not.

Because it remained hidden from the public for almost four years. The actress’s relationship with her parents and siblings had not been good for a long time.

National Film Award-winning actress Poppy has been on a break for almost four years. This actress suddenly hides.

His absence was initially considered normal in the film industry. But as time went on, more and more fog began to form around him. Poppy went missing after the coronavirus hit the country in 2020. According to recent news, she lives with her husband and children in Dhanmondi in the capital. According to reports, Poppy is married to an industrialist from Lalbagh named Adnan Kamal.
who was already married. In October 2021, the heroine also became the mother of a son. The son was named Ayat. He was born in a private hospital in the capital.

It is known that Poppy’s family was not with her during this marriage and the birth of her child. Because her mother and her recently deceased father could not accept the marriage of a daughter to the married Adnan.

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