The day Ibiza was left without football because of a plane

The cancellation of flights for four hours at Ibiza airport due to the breakdown of a plane caused this Saturday The island was left without sports competitions (national) all weekend long. The fact that the partial breakage of an airplane’s wheels paralyzes traffic on an island like Ibiza with so much pomp and luxury, It’s still a paradox This affected many travelers and sports clubs, who in many cases had to suspend their plans or competition events.

Although it could not be determined whether the airport manager could have cleared the Es Codolar runway more quickly (operations were paralyzed from three to seven in the afternoon), the truth is Neither the clubs nor the sports associations found alternatives so that the different teams could travel to the peninsula or vice versa to meet the schedule of the established events.

One of the games that was not played on Sunday was the match between UD Ibiza and Real Murcia on the fourth day of the championship in Group 2 of the Primera RFEF. The team from Murcia could not make the flight from Alicante at half past seven in the afternoon and decided to return to the region, forcing the Royal Spanish Football Federation to agree to postpone the game after ten o’clock on Saturday evening.

A game that, by the way, continues without a date and time, which on the other hand is unimaginable. Also taking into account that another game had to be postponed due to the chaos at the airport, namely the one they had to deal with Manresa and the Peña Deportiva of the Second RFEF in Catalan lands has already found accommodation tomorrow, Tuesday, at 6:00 p.m.

The fan club members were unable to travel to Barcelona and also remained on the ground the SD Formentera expedition, which was supposed to travel to Alicante to confront La Nucía. That in football.

Futsal was not spared from the disruption caused by the Lufthansa plane. At the sa Blanca Dona sports center everything was ready to host the first edition of the José Ferrer monument, which would see none other than UD Ibiza Gasifred, recently promoted to the second division, face current Champions League champions Mallorca Palma Futsal. But like everyone else affected in the afternoon, the Mallorcan team didn’t get beyond the Son Sant Joan terminal.


Those who arrived with great difficulty were Palmer Basket Palma and the team of referees Aon Balearic Basketball Trophy The Sa Pedrera pavilion was located here. The Balearic Association had to postpone the games (one of which ended after midnight) and yesterday morning, with a very short break, Fibwi Palma refused to play against Class Bàsquet Sant Antoni in the duel for third and fourth place.

In football, the chaotic Saturday afternoon forces to change the competitions and look for more uncomfortable dates for both the teams and the fans, some of whom – supporters of Real Murcia, Peña Deportiva or Formentera – were clearly affected by a lack of alternatives and connections, which is plunging the island into worrying situations of isolation.

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