The daughter of the outgoing President of the Philippines has taken the oath of office


MANILA: The daughter of outgoing Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has taken over as vice president, saying she would tackle the drug problem.

Ms. Sarah Duterte took the oath of office at a ceremony in the southern city of Davao yesterday, and she has also been the city’s mayor.

The ceremony was also attended by his father and President-elect Ferdinand Marcos Jr., the father of the newly elected president who ruled the country with an iron grip until he was ousted in 1986.

Ms. Sarah Duterte was elected Vice President in the May 9 election with a record number of votes. He and President-elect Marcos will take office on June 30.

He said that children are facing a complicated future due to the drug menace, adding that their father’s tough stance has helped in improving the security situation in the country.

However, the International Criminal Court is investigating possible crimes against humanity against his father Duterte because he authorized police to kill drug traffickers.

Human rights groups in the Philippines are concerned that the new vice president will follow in his father’s footsteps and continue his fight against drugs, and that his vice presidency will not stand in the way of the International Criminal Court’s investigation.