The daughter of Indonesia’s first president, Suu Kyi, has converted to Islam

Sukmawati Sukarnooputri, daughter of Indonesia’s first president, Suu Kyi, has converted from Islam to Hinduism.

According to the foreign news agency, Sukmawati Sukranoputri is the third daughter of the former president. The conversion ceremony took place on Tuesday at the Soekarno Center Heritage Area in the Bolling Regency in Bali. It is reported that Sokmawati was persuaded by his grandmother Rai Sreemban to leave Islam and convert to Hinduism. Hinduism is very important in Bali, but Hinduism is not worshiped here in the same way as in India.

Sukmawati is the younger sister of former President Megawati Sukarnoputri. Some quarters have suggested that Sukmawati’s departure from Islam is a reaction to the growing influence of religion in Indonesia’s political arena. Muslims make up 86 percent of Indonesia’s 270 million people.

Sukamawati’s niece, Pawan Maharani, has hinted that she will run for president in Indonesia in 2024. Pawan is the daughter of former President Megawati.








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