Home Entertainment The dark theory about “Kevin’s” father in “Home Alone.”

The dark theory about “Kevin’s” father in “Home Alone.”

La oscura teoría sobre el padre de ‘Kevin’ que tienen algunos fanáticos de ‘Mi pobre angelito’

One of the most successful films that became a Christmas tradition was “Kevin McCallister”, which tells the adventure of “Kevin McCallister” who faces some thieves.

We all remember how this eight-year-old boy, played by actor Macaulay Culkin, stays home alone in the middle of Christmas; after his family forgot about him during a trip to France.

“Kevin” realizes that he is home alone and initially thinks that it is a fantastic situation because he can do anything he wants.

However, his excitement changes when he learns that thieves are planning to rob his family’s home in Chicago.

And this very house has sparked all sorts of comments due to a strange theory that some Home Alone fans have been discussing for several years.

A mafia leader?

Followers of the saga, published 33 years ago, began to wonder how “Peter McCallister”, father of “Kevin”, was able to buy the huge house and supposedly pay for his family’s trip to Paris.

At this point, TikTok user Brian Rooney begins to examine each argument and discovers something that has baffled many Home Alone followers.

“There is a fan theory that ‘Peter McCallister’ was a mafia boss and that ‘Harry’ and ‘Marv’ (thieves) were from a rival family and were out for revenge, which is why they attacked the block. said.

In this way, this man assures that everything would make sense because of the way “Kevin” started acting when he discovered the thieves.


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According to his version, the boy did not even think about calling the police to report the presence of the thieves and decided to defend his house.

“I guess it makes sense… ‘Kevin’ stuck to the G-Code: ‘This is my house and I have to defend it.'” “That’s the most mafia shit ever,” Rooney said.

The Tiktoker says another aspect that led him to this belief was that “Kevin” never decided to talk to the police about the incident; something he would have learned from his father because he was supposedly the mafia boss.

Additionally, other followers say they agree with the theory because “Kevin” likes watching gangster movies.

“Kevin’s” family income

All of this is on top of the cost of round-trip tickets from France to the US in the middle of the Christmas season; as well as the way the family traveled to Miami the following year and ended up paying for the most expensive room at the Plaza Hotel in New York.

These types of theories continue to spark conversation and several followers are trying to examine every scene from Home Alone to find answers.

Some fans recalled that in the film’s official novel, written by Todd Strasser in 1991, it is confirmed that Mr. “Peter McCallister” was indeed an important businessman; while Ms. “Kate McCallister” was a fashion designer.

This would explain that “Kevin’s” parents actually had a high income that would justify the type of accommodation and expenses they incurred.

Although it’s a simple theory, you’ll do it differently next time you watch the movie Home Alone. Perhaps you can find out or verify whether these are simple or absurd speculations.

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