The dangerous challenge of Tik Tok started killing people

A dangerous trend on TikTok has caught the attention of the authorities, in which several people have lost their lives while completing the challenge of jumping off a boat.

According to foreign media reports, such videos have been going viral on social media platforms since 2020 in which people are shown jumping into the water from a speedboat. Unfortunately, four people lost their lives while taking this dangerous risk in Alabama. Washed up.

Over the past three years, several TikTokers have uploaded videos on the TikTok platform in which they are seen completing the dangerous challenge of jumping from a boat.

In August 2021, user Mark Thompson uploaded a video showing a man jumping from a boat into the water wearing a life jacket while encouraging others to do the same.

Rescue personnel and authorities have expressed extreme concern over such unsafe practices, appealing to people to refrain from such life-threatening acts.

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