Home Sports “The damage that Braithwaite is doing to Espanyol is very serious”

“The damage that Braithwaite is doing to Espanyol is very serious”

"The damage that Braithwaite is doing to Espanyol is very serious"

impacted“is how he defines himself Spanish after the wayward performance of Martin Braithwaitewho has expressed in the rudest way possible his intention to abandon Spanish this summer. First, by refusing to participate in the friendly against Cadiz, on Sunday. And hours later leaving without any authorization the concentration of the team in Marbella, to join his family in Barcelona. A rebellion that will have consequences, no matter how much they continue to trust his return.

This was confirmed this Tuesday morning Fran Garagarzato the prominent media in Marbella: “Let’s hope he returns, if he doesn’t we will have to talk about applying the disciplinary regimewhich is already underway because it has been a few days without us. The 17,000 subscribers and more than 20,000 members are being disrespected, and we are not going to allow thatnor in Martin nor in another”, raised the voice of the sports director, who must handle the first hot potato since he took office just a few weeks ago. “It is not easy to live this situation because it is new and that we didn’t like anything. A professional player who is with us and suddenly stops being there is something that has had an impact ”. “Is a unexpected surprise, and at the same time unpleasant”, he acknowledged, to culminate: “The damage you are doing to the entity is very serious”.

Braithwaite had expressed his desire to leave Espanyol, not to play in the Second Division, but in no case did the club imagine his disproportionate reaction. “I had already been talking to him in private meetings, and he obviously I was already anticipating that I did not want to be, who wanted to find a way out, a possible solution to his situation. But this one is very clear: the player He has a contract with Espanyol, the club counts on him because he is extremely important for us, and from here there is not much more to talk about, ”Garagarza settled. “I to the boy I can’t tie him”, he added.

And precisely with whom the sports director has spoken little is with Braithwaite, who does not answer his calls. “I have called him after the match of the Cadiz but he has not answered me. We had two conversations with his agent, who is showing his face to explain the situation to us, but he himself tells us that he has decided to leave the concentration and that there is nothing more. But I insist he has not responded to my calls”, he abounded. And he launched: “we don’t know where it is”.

“We don’t know where it is”

Garagarza, above Braithwaite
Fran Garagarza, along with Luis Garcia.ETS

If they came with an offerboth in your case and in that of all playerseverything is going to be studied and then we will answer if we want to negotiate or not, or if it is an irrelevant offer. If that happens, we will analyze and study it, but in this case it has not arrived”, explained a clearly incredulous Garagarza about the steps followed by the Danish striker. “The problem is not with the clubwhich has a player with a contract ”, he recalled.

Whatever happens, yes, the sports director assured that even in the event that Braithwaite decided of his own free will to return to the Espanyol concentration “there will be no normality, having left a concentration without saying anything to anyone, and been away for a few days without knowing where. It would be more. You will have to show your face, tell us that you are coming, and give an explanation. This is one very serious lack of respect for the entity and colleagues; there will be no normality, ”he reiterated. “There is no instability, but is uniting more to the rest”, he settled, about the impact in the dressing room.

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