The Dakar plays another trick on Laia Sanz: they steal her helmet

When it seemed that everything was over, that the 13th went down in history as a litmus test in which it has been his most frustrating Dakar, After having tried to end her in every way and without finding a possible one, all that frustration that Laia Sanz experienced in Saudi Arabia it has been revived now, a month after its completion, when all the displaced material has arrived back. All the pilots send their belongings by sea or air to compete in the rally and once the race is over, the process is the same but in reverse.

has been in the return of belongings when the Spaniard has encountered an unpleasant surprise that definitely turns this Dakar into an edition to forget after overcoming rollovers and breakdowns. “A lot has happened” recognized Laia as she landed from Arabia, and the last one has been a theft in her motorhome as she herself has announced on her social networks: “When the motorhome has arrived from the Dakar and someone has stolen your helmet… the coffee maker and some material inside the motorhome.

The losses were accompanied some faces of disappointment and anger that reflect the state of the Spanish woman after discovering everything that is missing from a Dakar of those in which “you learn a lot”, but you want to leave behind as soon as possible. Especially with experiences like this. After denouncing what happened, the Spanish woman has expressed sadness because “there are people like that in this world” and she hopes that “karma do its job” with those responsible for an inadmissible disappearance.

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