The curse of poisoned beauty that falls on Dominican women of entertainment

La Insuperable is the new victim of the curse of poisoned beauty, as Alexandra Hatcu, Dafne Guzmán, Nancy Medrano, Nabila Tapia, Hermes Meccariello and others who have faced the dangers of biopolymers or implants in the buttocks and other parts have experienced. of the body that have put these women of entertainment and the media at high risk.

La Insuperable announced yesterday that many changes are coming this year and one of them is that biopolymers will be withdrawn after almost a decade with implants.

“I have decided so much for health that it comes first, aesthetically too, and to wear what has been the withdrawal of biopolymers,” he said in some videos posted on his Instagram. Indhira Luna, the singer’s real name, indicated that so far she has not noticed changes in her skin, but she has felt some discomfort.

He also asked for help from people who have gone through the same process to recommend a good doctor.

In that sense, the rapper of Dominican origin Cardi B gave him the following advice: “My friend can give you the best advice step by step (“My friend, I can give you the best advice step by step)”.

+ Historical cases
One of the first cases of surgical infections in this century was recorded 11 years ago. TV presenter Hermes Meccariello was hospitalized after suffering the negative consequences of liposuction from which she contracted an infection in her leg.

Dafne Guzmán had a similar experience. She revealed to Listín Diario that at first she did not want to accept that the injection of biopolymers in her buttocks had run to her back, forming small lumps or balls and that this was the cause that was causing severe pain in her body and discomfort. general.

As a result of her divorce, the communicator was depressed and in search of feeling and looking better, she underwent cosmetic surgery, which consisted of removing fat from her back, which, according to an agreement with the doctor, would be inserted into her buttocks, but instead of To implant her fat, they injected her with biopolymers, a substance that she did not know she had in her body until her ordeal began, when she felt severe pain and frequent discomfort.

“I neglected myself a lot and the truth is that I wanted to cover the sun with a finger, and I thought that continuing to work and hoarding many things would solve my problem, to a certain extent I came to think that body aches and discomfort were something emotional. that I felt, until in the end they went deeper and it was nothing like what I thought, ”confessed the communicator.

+ About Alexandra Hatcu

In the case of Alexandra MVP, she was injected with biopolymers twice. The first was about six months after the birth of her daughter Charlotte, she did it because she looked “flat” and then a year later she continued to feel unhappy with her buttocks and did it again.

The influencer confessed that it was in a clandestine place for which she paid about 60 thousand pesos each time.

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In March of last year she decided to take them off because she and her husband at the time, urban singer Mozart La Para, were planning to have another baby.

For that reason, she traveled to Colombia twice on the recommendation of a friend.

However, he said that he lived a nightmare since in the two surgeries instead of reducing him, they increased his buttocks. “I was unconscious when injecting the biopolymers. I was responsible for that and I am paying the consequences, today I do not blame anyone, “she said in a video posted on her YouTube channel.

+ Story of Nancy Medrano

In 2012, the presenter Nancy Medrano injected herself with biopolymers and for two years she has been suffering the consequences of filling her buttocks with these synthetic substances.

“11 years ago I decided and promised never to undergo cosmetic surgery again, but I want to tell you that as a result of a bad decision I made in 2012 to inject myself with biopolymers, I am here again,” Medrano reported on his Instagram account.

Currently the former presenter of “Los Dueños del Circo” entered the operating room to remove the biopolymers that have harmed so many women.

Medrano said that two years ago “my torment began with immense pain in my left leg and my buttocks began to change color.”

She said that she visited several doctors and even went to Colombia and consulted with people who had gone through the same thing, until she found her current doctor, who is going to operate on her to remove the synthetic substances.

+ Nabila Tapia

One of the most heartbreaking testimonies was offered by the model Nabila Tapia: “I hope that my testimony can help many young people understand that some aesthetic procedures are high risk and have terrible consequences. Telling my story, showing my scars, makes me stronger, more of a woman. God’s timing is perfect, and I trust that great things come to those who never give up.” With this text at the bottom of the audiovisual that revealed her ordeal, the former beauty queen and contestant on Nuestra Belleza Latina about the consequences she suffered after injecting herself with biopolymers.

In a conversation with Jomari Goyso for the Univisión program “Sal y Pimienta” in June 2020, Nabila assured that she did not make the decision to inject her buttocks for her, but to please her then-partner and father of her daughter Living Marie. , with the urban singer Don Miguelo.

"It was immaturity and ignorance, because when I was going to commit that madness I consulted some clinics. And everyone told me: don’t do that, you don’t need it. It was not even for myself that I wanted it, but to please my daughter’s father, “she said.

He then added: “I have three surgeries that have (almost) cost me my life. In the penultimate one, I spent almost 15 days in the hospital getting blood and iron intravenously”.

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