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The curious data of the cyclists to prepare the Women’s Tour de France

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The cycling world is preparing to host the great women’s race of the year, the Women’s Tour de France, starting this Sundaywhich will bring together the great figures of the peloton in search of the precious yellow jersey.

A Tour de France for which cyclists have had to do great sacrifices in the months prior to the race to arrive in the best possible shape, as shown by the data published by the Strava social network.

These data reveal that the cyclists participating in the Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift have completed 12,300 kilometers of training on average, which is equivalent to the distance between Spain and New Zealand. Some 12,300 kilometers that they have completed by training on average for 400 hours so far this year.

Another example of the effort of the cyclists for the Women’s Tour de France is that they have climbed a Total drop of 188,720 meters, which means climbing Mount Everest 21 times. In addition, the cyclists completed average routes of 166 km/h.

michael horvath, co-founder and CEO of Strava, highlighted the effort of the Tour participants during these previous months. “This inspiring data highlights the determination, courage and bravery of professional cyclists as they prepare to take part in such an iconic and celebrated event. As official partners of the Tour de France and the Tour de France Femmes, we are delighted to be able to help highlight their achievements not only in the Strava community, but among cycling fans around the world. We’re looking forward to the Tour and hope it inspires a whole new community of riders to get going this summer.”

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