The curious cases of Isak and Sadiq

The transfer market has left striking operations such as Alexander Isaacwho signed for the Newcastle United after leaving the Real society in exchange for 70 million euros. No less surprising was his performance in England, as the Swede had just made somewhat poor performances with the Txuri Urdin team. The contrast in the Premier League was absolute, scoring two goals in the first three games played. However, injuries have struck him again.

Another case of a similar nature has been that of Umar Sadik, who precisely signed for Real Sociedad to replace Isak’s loss. Sadiq was one of the most sought-after strikers in the transfer market. It sounded in Spain, mainly to reinforce Sevilla, and for teams from several countries, until Real Sociedad took over after the sale of the Swede. Sadly, the idyllic signing was short-lived, as he was seriously injured and will be out for seven months.

Injuries paralyze the growth of Real Madrid forwards

Both Alexander Isak and Umar Sadiq, one by exit and the other by entry, are linked to Real Sociedad and, curiously, both have ended up in the infirmary. Isak has been the last to fall, which we have known through Brand that the World Cup will be lost. Of course, both players have been jinxed and diminished by major injuries that could paralyze their growth as footballers. They would not be the first cases of footballers who fall out of favor after months away from the pitch. Let’s hope this is not the case for both forwards, whose respective careers are very promising.

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