Home Sports The Cup of Spain Elite-Sub23 will live its fourth chapter next Monday

The Cup of Spain Elite-Sub23 will live its fourth chapter next Monday

La Copa de España Élite-Sub23 vivirá el próximo lunes su cuarto capítulo en Ontur

The Cup of Spain Elite-Sub23 will live its fourth chapter of its 2022 edition this coming Monday, March 21abandoning its usual presence on Sunday due to the tradition that the organization of the Ontur Spring Cycling Grand Prix to hold the race coinciding with the spring start date. The race will start at 9:45 a.m. and is scheduled to finish around 2:00 p.m.

This 68th edition of the GP Ciclista Primavera will be the third time that the Ontur race is part of the calendar of the Cup of Spain Elite-Sub23, who arrives still led by Gleb Syritsa as a result of the two victories she obtained in the Guadiana Circuit and in the Guerrita Trophyalthough it is likely that at the end of the test from Albacete we will have a new leader given the solidity shown throughout the three events that have already been held in Ángel Coterillo, Andrea Pietrobon, Mikel Retegi and Andoni López de Abechucowho are the main candidates to be at the head of the general classification.

The great difficulty that the peloton of the GP Ciclista Primavera will have to face, that does not have great ascentswill be the threat of the wind and the probable option of having to face the formation of fans. In total, there will be 172 kilometers of which the last 45 will be carried out on a 9 km circuit around Ontur which will be given five laps and that has the steep slope of the dam -600 meters at 6%- as a point at which to establish differences.

The Spring Cycling GP will feature, as usual, the 20 teams that compete in all the Spanish Cup events and five invited squads, which on this occasion will be Essax, Arabay Team, Hoomu Seguros, Esetec-Ricardo Fuentes and Controlpack. Among the 175 cyclists who will take the start, Andoni López de Abetxuko seems to be running as the great favorite, given his top speed and regularity shown at the start of the season. In case the victory is resolved by sprinting, The Caja Rural-Seguros RGA cyclist will face tough opposition from Alejandro Gómiz (Froiz Supermarkets), Sergio Trueba (Gomur), Javier Serrano (Eolo-Kometa) and Rodrigo Álvarez (Gomur). Surely there will be many others who will try to blow up the possibility of a resolution to the sprint and those cyclists who are fighting for the first places in the general classification should play an important role in these attempts.

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