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“planted”, flag film of the Cuban exile for his denunciation of the crimes of Castroism against Cuban women, It will be released this Thursday the 13th. at Caribbean Cinemas Fine Artes in the Novocentro shopping plaza in Santo Domingo.

The fictional story is inspired by real events that show the difficulties faced by Cuban women who fought against Fidel Castro at the beginning of the revolution in the 1960s.

A tribute to these women who spent the best years of their lives in captivity for the cause of the freedom of Cuba, is indicated on an official page of the film.

Directed by Lilo Vilaplana and his son, Camilo Vilaplana, “Plantadas” also won this year the “Knight Made in MIA Film Award” -award for the best film made in Miami- shared with “February”, by Hansel Porras García.

Lilo Vilaplana has directed very popular television series, including “El Capo”, “Dueños del paraíso”, “La Mariposa” and “La Traicionera”.

Scripted by Ninoska Pérez Castellón, Ángel Santiesteban and Lilo Vilaplana himself, and cast and executive produced by Irasema Otero, “Plantadas” is based on the testimonies of women who were repressed and imprisoned in the early years of the so-called “revolution”. for the simple fact of opposing Fidel Castro.

In the executive production of Plantadas, Reinol Rodriguez also worked.

The protagonists are: Alina Robert, Claudia Tomás, Rachell Vallori and Yuliet Cruz

The cast includes Laura Alemán, Luis Manuel Alvarez and Yerandy Basart.

Its predecessor, “Plantados”, it had also won the popularity award two years ago at the Miami International Film Festival. The word “planted” or “planted” is the one used by political prisoners of Castroism in Cuba to refer to those who do not accept wearing the uniform of common prisoners and challenge the prison regime.

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