The CSD announces aid to modernize sports facilities

The CSD announces aid to modernize sports facilities

The Higher Sports Council (CSD) announced this Tuesday the call for aid for a total of €27.5 million for the modernization of sports facilities, aimed at local corporations, autonomous communities, private entities and public and private universities.

The game, coming from the European funds of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan (PRTR)seeks to improve the energy efficiency, inclusion and sustainability of sports venues with the aim of hosting international competitions.

The requests, which They can be presented at the electronic headquarters of the CSD until next January 16will have to be based on proposals for the facilities to be spaces that are more respectful of the environment, more efficient in their operation, and totally suitable for use by users and athletes with disabilities.

According to the resolution published in the BOEthe amount for local corporations amounts to €19,264,000for the autonomous communities to €2,628,000for private entities to €5,028,000for public universities to €500,000 and for the private ones €100,000for works and sports equipment for the organization of international championships.

All actions must respect the principle of “not cause significant harm to the environment” (DNSH for its acronym in English), aimed at promoting energy efficiency and the digital transition, which contributes to the green and digital labeling included in the “Sports sector promotion plan” presented by Spain to the European Union.

They will also have to justify that the term of execution of the works is between the February 1, 2020 and September 30, 2023. for the president of CSD, Jose Manuel Francothese aids will contribute to “Spain continues to be a benchmark in the organization of international sporting events”.

We are an example of good work and we want to continue to be so in the coming years. Our sports infrastructures are going to see their quality multiplied through an environmentally friendly modernization, placing them among the most advanced in Europe”, he added.


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