The cryptocurrency market lost 200,000 million in a single day

The cryptocurrency market lost more than 200,000 million dollars in a single dayparallel to the falls suffered by the main Wall Street indices, where sales have prevailed in recent days, reported the specialized media CNBC.

Among major coins, Bitcoin dipped below $26,000 for the first time in 16 monthsafter losing about 20% in five days.

Ether, the second of the cryptocurrencies, was trading today at $1,719 a unit, which represents a fall below $2,000, a figure that has not fallen since July 2021.

The investors are withdrawing their investments in these securities which have been affected by inflation, the aggressive policy of raising interest rates by the United States Federal Reserve and the downward revision of economic projections.

Just yesterday, the TerraUSD stablecoin, whose value was theoretically pegged to the dollar, plummeted to a low of 23 cents, as its creator announced that it would seek "rebuild" the product by modifying the complex mechanism on which it is based and seeking more capital.

Amid widespread declines in the cryptocurrency market, TerraUSD broke its parity with the dollar this week and its price has progressively sank, as has Luna, another cryptocurrency linked to it, which has also lost much of its value. its value.

Analysts quoted by CNBC point out that the collapse of TerraUSD has increased fears of further bearish contagion in the market.

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