The crypto influencer “Bitboy” is leaving his well-known daily show after years

Ben Armstrong, better known as “BitBoy,” ends his show on his personal YouTube channel. The Crypto For the last 3 years, the influencer has had a live stream every day from Monday to Friday. For various reasons he will be retiring on January 1st announced about X

Two reasons why Armstrong quits

BitBoy, as everyone knows him, is an influencer who talks about all the trends in the crypto world every day. Starting in 2018, he started making videos about specific price predictions Cryptocurrencies. He also posted videos with titles like “Make IMPOSSIBLE Profits with Bitcoin SUPERCYCLE,” which attracted tens of thousands of views.

In one emotional video which he himself posted on his channel, Armstrong said it was no longer financially viable. For example, his daily livestream in which he discusses crypto trends Bitcoin (BTC) or ripple The production of (XRP) cost him $25,000 per week. He also noted that about $100,000 per month would have to be spent on legal fees.

BitBoy has launched its own cryptocurrency

At some point, based on the various YouTube videos he created, he decided to launch his own cryptocurrency. His followers were thrilled and he created the token Ben ($BEN) in 2023.

However, this was the start of a lot of drama. For example, shortly after Ben started, serious and personal allegations arose. He also had several disputes with his business partners regarding the introduced cryptocurrency. BitBoy was even killed during one Live broadcast arrested on YouTube, causing his own token to fall by as much as 95.

Farewell to his daily livestream

Ultimately, there are several reasons why BitBoy is now discontinuing its daily livestream. At X he announces that in a News his farewell on February 1, 2024.

“My daily crypto livestream was my life. We had a good run. 3 years. Every Monday to Friday without special exceptions. Public holidays. Birthdays. The market crashes. Bull market highlights. Epic events. I was always there. I’ll miss you.”

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