The crypto giant is partnering to create a Roblox-like crypto game

After crypto enthusiasts lost interest in the metaverse during the last bear market, it appears that companies are still interested in the concept. The stablecoin publisher Circle also sees opportunities and has therefore founded a joint venture with two other crypto companies. Your metaverse should have a Roblox-like touch.

The circle enters the metaverse

In a press release, Circle writes that the partnership has been named “Overdare” and, in addition to Circle itself, consists of the South Korean gaming and metaverse companies Krafton and Naver Z. We know the former from the game Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) and the latter developed the Metaverse Zepeto.

In addition to the company name, Overdare is also the name of the mobile gaming platform with “user-generated content” that the joint venture is now developing. This content is produced using generative AI and is intended to make the user experience particularly immersive. The developers are also planning “Overdare Studio,” a software package for the PC that will allow you to creatively create “gaming experiences for the platform.” It is not yet clear what this exactly means and what type of software it is.

In addition, as a user you have the opportunity to sell your creations on the platform. To this end, Circle has integrated programmable wallets with support for USDC payments. For this purpose, Overdare uses the Cosmos-based Settlus blockchain. What exactly this in-house trading platform entails is currently unclear.

However, there are no images or concepts of the project yet on the social media platform.

Circle is growing quickly

Circle is already one of the largest companies in the crypto and blockchain space thanks to its stablecoin USD Coin (USDC). Nevertheless, we continue to work hard on further growth. The first step towards an IPO in the US was taken earlier this year. Since 2022 there has also been a stablecoin with the euro as the underlying asset, the so-called Euro Coin (EURC).

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