The crosses of the Copa del Rey of water polo are already known

The Zodiac CN Atlètic Barceloneta, current champion, will face CN Sant Andreu, in a Barcelona derby that marks the final phase of the King’s Cup of water polo, which It will be held between February 4 and 6, 2022 at the CN Sabadell facilities.

The quarter-final qualifiers, after the draw held this Thursday at the CN Sabadell facilities, has been as follows: CN Barcelona-Quadis CN Mataró, CN Terrassa-Echeyde Tenerife, CE Mediterrani-Astralpool CN Sabadell and CN Sant Andreu-Zodiac CN Atlètic Barceloneta.

The four games of the quarterfinals will be played on Friday, February 4, with a time and order yet to be determined. The first semifinal will face the winners of the duels between CN Barcelona-Quadis CN Mataró and CN Sant Andreu-Zodiac CN At Barceloneta, while the second semifinal will be played by the winners between CN Terrassa-Echeyde Tenerife and CE Mediterrani -Astralpool CN Sabadell.

The semifinals will be played on Saturday, February 5, while the final will be on Sunday, February 6. The draw had a previous premise whereby the host, CN Sabadell, and the champion of the first phase of the league, Barceloneta, could not face each other until a hypothetical final.

Finally, the first four classified of the first phase of the league -Barceloneta, Barcelona, ​​Sabadell and Terrassa- have been matched against teams from fifth to eighth in the domestic competition.

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