The crisis of the American League Central

Observing the performance of the teams of the Central Division of the American League refers to the same sensations as looking through a well in the middle of the night, an adventure in which only darkness is visualized and the soundtrack is made up of the echo of voices on the surface

Even though they’re in a dismal position as the 12th seed in all of Major League Baseball, the Minnesota Twins (25-23) have reason to relax as they lead the pack.

They have had a half-round performance, but enough to command where mediocrity overflows.

The biggest threat against them is at a distance of 13 hours on the road, represented by the Detroit Tigers who have a record of 21-24 with a differential of -48.

Then the Cleveland Guardians enter the board, who have a record of 21 wins with 26 losses; Chicago White Sox, 19-30; and the Kansas City Royals, 14-35.

This damaged competitiveness does not have a recent start, finding in the 2022 results that only the Guardians had a baseball that exceeded 90 victories, reaching the 92 that earned them the division title.

The most recent occasion in which at least two crossed the threshold was in 2019, when the Twins had 101 and Cleveland had another 93.

And as the only opportunity in which three teams combined the established number, Minnesota capitalized 96 wins, Detroit obtained 95 and Chicago just 90, on dates that the calendar ended in 2006.

Despite the fact that in the current scenario the Twins are walking paths of dominance, the fact that they have a good position having worse performance than teams with the possibility of being left out in close divisions causes anguish.

These are the Boston Red Sox (26-22) and the Los Angeles Angels (26-23), who would be out of the wild-card berths and anything that smacks of the postseason if the season ended today.

After the implementation of the universal designated hitter, -which established the biggest difference between the old and new circuit-, we can see as a priority the need to review the format in search of increasing balance.

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