The Crew: Ubisoft will permanently close the game’s servers on March 31, 2024

Published in December 2014the car game The crew (PS4, XBOX One) will leave the world of video games March 31, 2024. However, fans seemed to have already anticipated the game’s planned ending by migrating to the sequel en masse. The crew 2. A report from SteamDB had stated that nearly 40 monthly pilots thronged the gate to play this ancient game. The decision to close the servers of this 100% online game is coming from Ubisoftprobably to save money by eliminating a game that almost no one plays anymore.

Ubisoft also mentioned that this closure will not have any impact or The crew 2neither The Crew Motorfest. The first The crew is currently no longer available on online platforms. You only have a few more months to play it some more before it disappears completely.

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