The crescendo of Sandro Ramírez

As if from a package that got stuck in customs, the imprint of Sandro Ramirez it took in settling in the palms more than planned. AND didif, when was more necessary. first in eibarthen before him Villareal B and without solution of continuity in Cartagenathe point is chained three games scoring. And it is that his peak of form reached him in the end of act three of the season for add four of the last six goals scored by the yellow and with the feeling of walking danger every time he lines up the goal. Although there is still the most difficult of matches. The next. Latest.

His seasonNot surprisingly, it was the opposite of reach out and kiss the saint. First, because it almost didn’t arrive —he signed less than ten days to close he market summer in a month-long negotiation with Huesca— and second, because every time he got close to his state of grace their fibers broke into a thousand pieces. “I’ve been having muscle problems for a few years in a row,” he acknowledged less than a week ago and for this reason he had to reformulate even on a day-to-day basis. “I’m a bit hyperactive in the training. We have talked about not having to do as much load or physical effort to be able to get to the game in better condition”.

Even surpassing the match against Ponferradina, against Cartagena the big performance of the year with two goals. to do the firstwhich meant the 1-2cut in the three-quarter zone in front of Kiko Olivas and was located in Datkovic’s blind spot, Pejiño already knew what to do, ball to depth and when the Croatian central defender realized what had just happened, Sandro already I was in the next phase of the game, in a hand in hand with the goalkeeper Escandell which he resolved in the short suit.

In its second goal, kirian On one side of the area and surrounded by three rivals, he sees reaching 9 like someone who is going to give a scare from behind and needs an accomplice to attract the rival’s attention. He from Tenerife, he understood it and gave him a fly pass to overcome the Cartagena defense, Sandro, now only with control haggled Jairus, the last of the defenders, and shot point blank to score the both of the tranquility, the 1-4. This has been the majority of his goals in his game. Taking advantage every time you can cracks left by rivals.

With seven points, Sandro is already at the top of yellow scorers, equaling to saw already Mark Cardona. However, the former Barça and Málaga player has a more regular relationship with the rival network than his teammates. With one target every 162 minutes the yellow player who needs the least time to score, Andone, the next on the list needs 255 minutes. A match.

maybe this trust is reflected in the hunger that always Sandro has shown facing the goal. Saving Ale García, who has only participated in one match, is the player that more shots on goal every 90 minutes, with 4.37 shots per game. That is why, right or wrong, he always jumps to the green with the responsibility of throw. To show the button the Romareda when with just four minutes to go after the expulsion of the goalkeeper from Zaragoza, Cristian Álvarez, was Ramirez the fact that caught the ball for look for the goal defended by Gabi Fuentes, field player, in the only opportunity to shoot that the yellows had.

That ball escaped over the crossbar, however it left signs of the hierarchy of Sandro. It was he who made the decision to try to end the game with the shot that could turn the score around at the last minute and no teammate showed any sign of disapproval. Since then he has scored in all matches like a crescendo in search of the final climax.

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