Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar’s movie ‘Prithviraj’ is set for release. There is some new information coming out about this historical movie that is quite shocking. It is said that the filmmakers had to make more than 50,000 dresses for the film and 500 different types of turbans were also used during the filming of this film.

Regarding the film, Akshay Kumar says, “Sometimes a lot of work goes into the film, and we’ve all worked hard on this.” Every element of our film, which is based on the life of Emperor Prithviraj Chauhan, has been presented with the utmost honesty, authenticity, and reverence. The actor has further said that “we paid attention to the little things while making the film because we wanted it to be the most spectacular retelling of Emperor Prithviraj’s life on the big screen.”

The film’s director, Chandraprakash Dwivedi, says, “Details were important in making a film like Prithviraj. There were 500 different turbans made for the film. All of these were authentic replicas of the type of turban worn by kings, the public, the people.” “We had an expert turban designer on the sets who would oversee the process of wearing these turbans by our actors. More than 50,000 costumes for the film were created by a costume designer who, along with his team, was specially brought from Rajasthan to live in Mumbai and create these costumes from scratch.” She is glad she had a producer like Aditya Chopra, who believed in her vision for the film and fully supported her in telling that story in the best way possible. .


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