The creator of ChatGPT lays down the harsh reality: “AI will make jobs disappear, period”

Generative AI technology like ChatGPT could increase the productivity of many workers in the coming years, but some are sure to lose their jobs in the process.

That’s what Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, thinks.

Altman stated that AI development could mean the “most tremendous leap forward” to people’s quality of life. But he also said that I would like “it’s crazy not to be a little scared of AI” and its potential to create “problems of disinformation or economic shocks”.

In a interview, Altman disputed the idea that the emergence of AI will only have a positive impact on workers.

«Many people who work with AI pretend that it will only be good, that it will only be a complement, that it will never replace anyone»he said. “Jobs will disappear, period.”

Since ChatGPT was launched last November, experts have talked about how AI could serve as a valuable assistant for workers, helping them to be more productive and spend less time on boring tasks.

Some experts have expressed optimism that AI will not cause the widespread job displacement that many fear, and that instead they should be more concerned about their co-workers using these technologies to replace them.

Altman’s comments speak to the harsh reality: Even if most jobs are not displaced, some are likely to fall by the wayside. In March, Goldman Sachs predicted that 300 million full-time jobs worldwide could be disrupted – not necessarily replaced – by AI.

However, the widespread adoption of AI can also create new jobs. Altman hopes that better jobs – perhaps with better pay – will be created rather than disrupted. The question, however, is whether displaced workers will be able to find their way into these new jobs.

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