Home Sports The crazy price Girona is asking for Víctor Tsygankov

The crazy price Girona is asking for Víctor Tsygankov

The crazy price Girona is asking for Víctor Tsygankov

Girona FC are determined to keep one of their biggest stars, Víctor Tsygankov, despite increasing rumors about his possible departure. The Ukrainian winger joined the Catalan club last summer for a transfer fee of €5 million, but in just a few months he increased his market value to a whopping €22 million. Despite the tempting offers that may arise, Girona are clear that they will not let Tsygankov leave until his release clause, currently at around €50 million, is paid in full.

Since his arrival in Girona, Tsygankov has been an important part of the team. His speed, dribbling ability and ability to score goals have made him a key player in the coach’s plan and a fan favorite. His adaptation to Spanish football was quick and successful, increasing his value in the transfer market.

In recent months there have been reports of high-profile European clubs interested in Tsygankov. Teams from the Spanish League, Premier League and Serie A have shown keen interest in acquiring the talented Ukrainian winger. However, Girona is not ready to give up its most valuable jewel so easily.

The Catalan club’s decision to keep Tsygankov makes sense from a sporting and financial perspective. In terms of sport, the Ukrainian winger is crucial to the team’s ambitions in the fight for promotion and success in future competitions. His ability to unbalance games is invaluable and his contribution to the team is undeniable.

They will try to get the best out of interested clubs

From a financial perspective, Girona recognizes Tsygankov’s potential to become an important source of income in the future. His market value has increased significantly in a short period of time and the club hopes that his market value will continue to rise. Keeping him until his release clause is paid in full could mean a significant advantage for Girona in the future.

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