The crazy number that River will pay for its new star striker

Facundo Colidio is closer than ever to becoming River Plate’s new striker for 2023/2024, the albiceleste player arriving from Inter Milan after spending a year on loan at Tigre, from where he also aroused the interest of Boca Juniors.

collidiumwho was part of the Boca Juniors under-20 team before heading to Europe at the hands of Inter de Milanwould have closed his arrival to the group directed by Martín Demichelis, paying River plate According to the newspaper Olé, a total of five million euros for the 23-year-old attacker, whose final decision seems to be oriented more towards the box Millionaire Despite having, as we say, a past in the lower categories of Boca Juniorsbeing this a new coup de effect of River in the transfer market of South America, since everything indicated that Facundo Colidio I would head to La Bombonera.

all in the air

Despite River Plate seems to have closed the negotiation with Inter Milan, anything can still be expected after the appearance of Boca Juniorsleaving everything up in the air for the next few dates, having to see how the situation develops over the next few days, being without a doubt one of the great soap operas of a Argentine transfer market in which both River and Boca are looking for new offensive reinforcements with which to continue improving their respective squads.

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