The cover that Manchester United wants to be a substitute for Onana

Manchester United continues to work on their project for next season and, after securing the hiring of André Onana as their first-choice goalkeeper, they are now looking to reinforce the goal with a quality substitute goalkeeper. Among the candidates, the name of Altay Bayindir, Fenerbahçe goalkeeper, has emerged, who has caught the attention of the English team.

The signing of André Onana was recently announced by Manchester United, with the intention of strengthening their goal and adding competition to the position. However, the planning does not stop there, and the club is now in search of a reserve goalkeeper who provides guarantees and can take over the role when necessary.

The cover that Manchester United wants to be a substitute for Onana

According to reports from Ekrem Konur, Manchester United have shown interest in Altay Bayindir, current Fenerbahçe goalkeeper. At 23 years old, the young Turkish goalkeeper has stood out for his impressive performance at the Turkish club, drawing the attention of various European teams.

Altay Bayindir has shown outstanding qualities under the three sticks, showing agility, reflexes and security in the air. His outstanding performance at Fenerbahçe has put his name on the radar of several clubs, and Manchester United is no exception.

The English team seeks to ensure a strong and competent goal to face the challenges of next season. Having a quality substitute goalkeeper is essential to maintaining optimum performance throughout the campaign, and Altay Bayindir has emerged as a promising option.

With Onana secured as the starting goalkeeper and Bayindir as a possible substitute, Manchester United hope to have a solid and reliable goalkeeper to face challenges in the English league and in European competitions.

The team led by Erik Ten Hag is looking to strengthen its squad for next season, and the interest in Altay Bayindir is a sign of Manchester United’s commitment to its sporting project.

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