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The Court of Auditors wants to plan aid to the CPF, should you bet on the crash of cryptos? The eco flash of the day

We start with the figure of the day: 5.9 billion euros. This is the deficit that France competences, the body that manages the financing of vocational training, should register this year. Faced with this worrying observation, the Court of Auditors calls for a reduction in the financial support granted to the French within the framework of the personal training account, which weighs on the finances of France skills. It proposes, for example, imposing on CPF beneficiaries a minimum participation when purchasing training via the system. Its amount could vary according to different criteria. More info on these shocking proposals in our article.

We continue with a nice surprise for social workers, who will ultimately be more numerous than expected to benefit from the revaluation of the Ségur de la santé. On May 2, employers in the sector proposed a draft agreement aimed at upgrading only certain social workers in the private non-profit sector, and not all professionals. This angered the majority of unions, who tried to oppose the agreement. If they had succeeded, the text could only have applied to member establishments of an employers’ organization in the sector. But, following an error by the CGT, the agreement will finally apply to all establishments in the sector, and therefore to more professionals.

The alarm bell is drawn by Luca de Meo. Renault’s chief executive denounces the inconsistency of the car market, in which it has become easier to enforce new environmental and safety standards by large premium cars, the size of which allows batteries to be housed and shocks to be absorbed . “The regulations put us in a situation where we can no longer produce small accessible cars,” he regrets. So that all manufacturers are gradually leaving this segment. Crisis in the auto sector, price increases, growth in electrics… Find the river interview of the boss of Renault on our site.

And we end with The question of the day : should you be afraid to invest in cryptos? It is impossible today to bet serenely on electronic currencies. These digital assets, historically subject to very high volatility, are indeed going through a real crash. The price of bitcoin has more than tripled since its peak in November 2021, and that of ether is doing even worse, not to mention the collapse of Terra Luna and its stablecoin… All the lights are red for the cryptos. So, bursting of a bubble or opportunity to get started? Answers in the “Great savings meeting”.

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