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The couple received child benefits and led an expensive lifestyle

For a long time, this couple in their thirties, living in Tonneins, a small town in Lot-et-Garonne, in New Aquitaine, was able to lead the way without being worried. But everything stopped when the gendarmes of Marmande noticed these young parents, driving an Audi Q 5 and spendthrifts, while the latter declared low incomes to the administration, relates The Midi Dispatch in an article on Thursday, May 5. Questioned by the police, the couple admitted to having made inaccurate statements.

They would have unduly received nearly 10,000 euros. The young woman said she lived alone and received the single parent allowance, while she lived as a couple. This is a widespread fraud with the Family Allowance Fund: the parents declare themselves single while they live in concubinage to receive aid. The young man meanwhile did not declare his work, details the regional daily. The two thirty-somethings will be tried by the criminal court in June.

If La Dépêche du Midi does not specify in what circumstances the gendarmes came across this couple, social network posts are sometimes used by investigators to compare what is published, and what is declared to the administrations. In a 2020 case, a young woman who had declared herself single with the CAF had been betrayed by her Facebook posts, on which she ostensibly displayed her couple.

A few weeks ago, a man had issued false declarations to another organization: Pôle emploi. This time, the sum was much larger: the sexagenarian from Clisson, in Loire-Atlantique, had benefited from allowances to help return to work, for a total moment of 91,400 euros, reported L’Hebdo de Sèvre & Maine, Monday, April 18.


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