The cost of single-level single-family homes goes up further

TheIndex of Direct Costs of Home Construction(ICDV) reflects that as of November 2021, the one-level single-family home was 200.63, compared to others such as the two-level single-family home with 198.17.

The ICDV that was recently published by the National Statistics Office (ONE) also gives levels of 197.07 for the four-level multifamily, and 200.09 for the eight-level multifamily, or more.

The ICDV is astatistical tool that allows knowing the monthly variations experienced by the cost of the construction of four types of houses: single-family of 1 and 2 levels, and multi-family of 4 and 8 levels or more, in the National District and the province of Santo Domingo (indirect costs are excluded such as: land, design, construction permits, financial costs, benefits of the construction company, etc.).

Its calculation methodology follows that of the Laspeyres Index, which includes a basket with a fixed weighting structure over time and compares the prices of the reference period with those of the base period (October 2009).

In November 2021, the ICDV was 198.99 on average, registering a decrease of -0.63 points, compared to the previous month, which was 199.62, where the main increases were produced by both thetool group, with 6.13% and the subgroup ofelectrical sundries, with 6.23%.

The ICDV registered a monthly variation of -0.31%. This result is lower compared to the one presented in the same period of the previous year, which was 0.02%.

Group costs

By cost groups, the main decreases occurred inthe machinery, with -10.81% and thesubcontracts, with a -1.17%. While the main increase was presented in tools, with 6.13%.

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By cost subgroups, the main decreases occurred in machinery, with -10.81%; aggregates, with -3.42% and the cabinetmaking subcontract, with -2.77%. While the main increases occurred in theelectrical sundries, with 6.23%; followed by tools, with 6.13% andwood, with 3.00%.


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