The corona virus will be gone within a year: how much truth in the claim? –

The head of the biotechnology company Moderna says that the corona virus will be eradicated within a year, the virus will gradually turn into a flu-like situation.

According to the international website, Stephen Bensell, CEO of the biotechnology company Moderna, told the Swiss newspaper that he believes the corona virus could be eradicated within a year and that with the increase in vaccine production, more global Logistics can be provided.

He said that given the expansion of production capacity in the sector over the last six months, adequate quantities would be available by the middle of next year to vaccinate the entire population of the world. I am available

Stephen Bensell added that vaccinations for children will be available soon. People who do not get the vaccine will naturally develop immunity because the delta wave is highly contagious.

“In this way, we will eventually find ourselves in a flu-like situation,” he said. Getting vaccinated can make you have a good winter, and if you don’t get vaccinated, you run the risk of getting sick and even going to the hospital.

On the question of whether life will return to normal in the second half of next year? “I think it will be over in a year,” he said.

He said he expects governments to agree to booster doses for people who have already been vaccinated because patients who were vaccinated last season will no doubt need a booster now.


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