The controversy continues: the unknown photo of Shakira in a Twingo

The controversy continues: the unknown photo of Shakira in a Twingo

The controversy continues. Shakira premiered his song with bizarre last week, but maintains the pull on social networks and traditional media.

The story is known, or at least a part. In the song, the Colombian dedicates her lyrics to Gerard Piqué, her ex-partner, who allegedly had committed infidelity. In the lyrics, she does a comparison between a Renault Twingo (alluding to the new Catalan couple) and a Ferrari.

Screenshot of Shakira’s latest song | Youtube.

So far, a chronicle more than known. But the dedication has generated a story with many edges.

Piqué and the electric Twingo

The reactions did not take long to appear, and even the French brand itself published a photo of the model on its account and joined the controversy. Meanwhile, in response to criticism of her ex-partner, Pique has been seen in a Renault Twingo electric. The video was published on the social networks of the Kings League, a 7-a-side football league created in 2022 by the former Barcelona player.

Renault and Shakira

Although he pejoratively mentions the Twingo in his song, it was herself who introduced the car at the Motor Show in Bogota in nineteen ninety five.

And during these days the Photo What everyone wanted to see: Shakira in a green Renault Twingo. The image (printed on paper, probably made by a fan almost three decades ago) circulates on social networks and shows a young singer. And it is that according to coffee media, she even received a car as a gift.

Shakira in a green Twingo. Photography: Instagram Social Network Pivijay.

“In 1995 the automotive brand sponsored its first concert and gave away a vehicle. Shakira was the ambassador of the launch of Twingo in Colombia in 1995, in fact they gave him a new car Twingo that moved it to Barranquilla and continued using it from the date to the year 2000 in December every time he came to the city. Twingo was also sponsor along with Coca Cola to Shakira’s first massive concert in Bogotá”, indicates the Instagram account Pivijay Social Network.


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