The controversial Kyrgios changes his mind with Rafael Nadal

The great attraction of the ATP 250 Mallorca Championships tournament is the Australian

australian tennis player Nick Kyrgiosone of the great attractions of the ATP 250 tournament Majorca Championships which will start next week Santa Poncahas stated that Rafael Nadal “is the best of the ‘Big Three‘, has 22 Grand Slams and the others the Swiss Roger Federer and the Serbian Novak Djokovic 20.

Rafa Nadal added his biggest title number 22 last Sunday in Roland Garros by defeating the Norwegian tennis player in the final Casper Ruud. Kyrgios, player number 78 in the world, gave an interview to a communication newspaper in which he addressed various aspects of his important professional career.

Nick Kyrgios
Kyrgios talks about Nadal again

Kyrgios is clear about what he thinks of Rafa Nadal on the courts and personally

“I’m not going to change. Because I think the fans want to see games that are exciting and too intense. If you lose you will be angry. It’s normal, it’s human. Some show it more and some less. “I don’t understand why they think that of me,” he responded to a question about his fame as a tennis bad boy.

Kyrgios also spoke about his expectations at the Mallorca Championships, the only natural grass tournament held in Spain, and explained the reasons that led him to skip the recent clay court season. “Here I want to offer my best tennis. I hope many fans come to watch our games”.

In the interview there was also time to talk about depression and mental health

Regarding the fight he had against depression in 2020, he admitted that he had suicidal ideas and that he was about to quit tennis. Kyrgios says that he made this disease public “because I believed it could be good and help other people in a situation Similary”.

Finally, he said in a concrete way: “I had the feeling that I had no one to talk about it or trust. I rejected the support of my family and friends, I did not open up to anyone. They could have helped me find my way and think positively again,” she notes.

In addition to the Kyrgios issue, this is the key date to know the possible withdrawal of Nadal

The doctor Ángel Ruiz-Cotorro explained to the media that Rafa Nadal has already started his treatment to recover his foot for the next tournaments of the season once the infiltration has been applied and that in a few days they will be able to know better how it is improving.

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“Rafa is following the process and evolving well. In four days we will put you on the track and we will see how the treatment is progressing. We have activated those nerves in the area and we will see the possibility of making it as bearable as possible. If there is any discomfort left we will see if she can compete at Wimbledon”, explained Cotorro.

Rafa Nadal’s doctor did not hesitate to talk about the injuries to his foot and ribs

Regarding his victory at Roland Garros with the injury, he gives all the credit to Rafa and his strong mentality: “What Nadal has done is a miracle. It’s not just that your foot falls asleep, but accept the challenge and, at the same time, isolate yourself. These things can only be done by Rafa”.

Cotorro has recognized that the pandemic was a bad period for an injury that requires a lot of movement: “It is a very rare injury in a great athlete. We found it in 2004-2005 and we have been completing stages. It degenerates over time and we have been looking for resources for each situation”.

During the pandemic, the tennis player’s health has been greatly deteriorating

“Things are getting more and more complicated and with the pandemic more because these types of injuries do not go well with rest. When he returned after the pandemic there was a sudden change. And now, after the rib, a bit of the same thing happened to him: five weeks without putting his foot down and we just arrived in Paris.”

Lastly, he launched a message of optimism: “When treatments are used it is because you trust them. It is a unique case and we are going to be optimistic.” In this way, the followers will be aware of everything that can happen with the Spanish tennis player and know what his future will be.

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