The second season of the dance reality show ‘India’s Best Dancer’ with the tagline ‘Best Ka Next’ is set to air soon. Previously, the first season of this dance reality show arrived in 2020. In this dance reality show, Malaika Arora, choreographer Geeta Kapur and choreographer Terence Lewis will be the judges. Meanwhile, the reality show ‘India’s Best Dancer’ is making headlines because of a contestant. This contestant has done something that has scared the actress Malaika Arora a lot.

Malaika further says: “But yes, it is true that I was very scared for a moment and the only thing that goes through my mind is whether the hand of that contestant is disinfected or not.” Choreographer Geeta Kapoor has also given her reaction on this incident with Malaika. Geeta says: ‘It was very weird because Malaika is such a great personality, who can go straight and touch her cheeks like that? We don’t even have the guts to do this, in fact the contestant had the guts to do this, I think it was pretty sweet. ‘ We inform that in the year 2020 Malaika Arora has been infected with Corona.



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