The conservative PP wins the elections in Spain but will have

The conservative Popular Party (PP) won the elections this Sunday in Spain, with 97% of the vote counted, by obtaining 136 seats, 47 more than those it achieved in 2019, and the Socialist Party (PSOE) remained as the second political force with 122 seats, two more than in the previous elections, although the result complicates the possibility of the formation of a Government.

And this is because none of the blocks on the right and left have enough representatives in principle to reach an absolute majority (176 seats) in the first round of an investiture or a simple one in a second with more votes in favor than against.

The far right Vox leaves 19 seats in these elections and remains with 33 deputies in Congress, while the left-wing platform Sumar ranks fourth with 31 seats, four fewer than those obtained by its predecessor United We Can in the previous elections.

Among the pro-independence forces, the Catalans of ERC suffer a severe setback, falling from 13 to 7 representatives, and those of Junts per Catalunya lose one and remain with six, while the Basques of EH-Bildu surpass the Basque Nationalist Party (PNV) for the first time, with six deputies compared to five of the latter.

The Galicians of the Galician Nationalist Bloc (BNG) retain their only seat, The Canarian Coalition achieves one and also the Navarrese regionalists of the UniĆ³n del Pueblo Navarro (UPN), so that the new Congress will be very fragmented with eleven different parties.

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