The Congress of the Communist Party in China ends

The Communist Party of China on Saturday endorsed “the central role” of President Xi Jinpingat the close of a seven-day congress that should lead to his re-election for an unprecedented third term at the head of the PCCh and the country. The image of these hours was the expulsion of former president Hu Jintao from the compound.

The nearly 97 million members of the party must “uphold the central role of Comrade Xi Jinping within the Party Central Committee and the Party as a whole” according to a resolution adopted unanimously, shortly before the closing of its congress in Beijing. In a previous speech, Xi had urged the Communist Party to “suffer” and “win” in order to “keep moving forward.”

“Dare to fight, dare to win, keep your head down and work hard, be determined to keep moving forward”Xi launched with a triumphant air to the almost 2,300 delegates gathered in the Great Hall of the People in the Chinese capital. On Sunday he will be re-elected as general secretary of the CPC after the first meeting of the revamped Central Committee. This appointment will be the prelude to an unprecedented third term for Xi as Chinese president during the annual meeting of the National People’s Congress in March 2023. In 2018, the constitutional limit of two terms was abolished, allowing Xi, 69, a new re-election.

Hu Jintao’s departure

For a week, the delegates elected the nearly 200 members of the new Central Committee, a kind of internal parliament of the party. Among the senior officials who will not continue in office is Premier Li Keqiang.

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Chinese number three Li Zhanshu, Vice Premier Han Zheng, and Wang Yang, the chairman of the People’s Political Consultative Conference (a non-decision-making assembly), they also say goodbye to their duties.

In an unusual scene, former President Hu Jintao, Ji’s predecessor from 2003 to 2013, was escorted out of the Great Hall of the People before the close of the congress. Hu, 79, was invited by party aides to take his place in the front row alongside Xi Jinping. The scene was not immediately explained or picked up by state media.

The Xi era

Since coming to power at the end of 2012, Xi was accumulating power in the second world power and strengthened the authority of the regime. Head of the party, head of state, head of the army: the leader advocated political continuity during a triumphant speech at the opening of Congress.

The “zero covid” strategy must also continue despite the negative economic fallout and growing weariness from lockdowns and restrictions.

The congress agreed today, on the other hand, “to include in the constitution of the Party (…) its resolute opposition and deterring separatists seeking ‘Taiwan independence'”.

Far from the prudent diplomacy of his predecessorsXi plans to maintain China’s firm stance on the international stage, even at the cost of heightening tension with the United States.particularly on Taiwan.

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