The conflict in Ukraine: 2 years of war, crisis and sanctions

TO 2 years since the beginning of the conflict between Ukraine and Russiathe situation continues to cause international concern, a war that broke out as an armed conflict on February 24, 2022When Vladimir Putin’s country invaded the country ruled by Vladimir Zelensky.

War had a devastating impact on Ukrainewith thousands of dead and injured and millions of people forced from their homes. Furthermore, the Two years of conflict had a global impactwith Economic sanctions against Russia and a rising energy and food prices.

The origin dates back to the Russian annexation of Crimea in 2014 and intensified in 2022 with the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The causes of the war are complex and are related to a number of factors, including the historical relations between the two countries, the geopolitics of the region and Russia’s role in it. There are also ethnic and linguistic tensions in Ukraine.

Thousands of people have died or were injured, and millions were from people driven out of their homes. The war also caused significant damage to Ukraine’s infrastructureand caused one Humanitarian crisis.

Recently, the United States targeted more than 500 people and organizations from several countries as part of its largest round of sanctions against Russia since the invasion of Ukraine two years ago and in response to the prison death of Russian opponent Alexei Navalny.

Three Russian officials were among those sanctioned by the United States for their involvement in the death, the State Department said. National Security Council spokesman John Kirby warned this There will be “further measures” to “hold the Kremlin accountable”.

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Companies from 26 states and nationals from 11 countries, including China and Germany, are among more than 500 individuals and organizations sanctioned for fueling the Russian war machine or helping the government evade international sanctions.. Washington blocks their assets in the United States and denies them access to visas.

The Commerce Department added more than 90 companies on its blacklist. That more than increases 4,000 organizations and individuals sanctioned by Washington since the start of the war.

Contains information from AFP.

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