Home Entertainment The concerts “Tres Grandes Voces … Tres Grandes Divas” postponed until July

The concerts “Tres Grandes Voces … Tres Grandes Divas” postponed until July

Posponen para julio los conciertos “Tres Grandes Voces...Tres Grandes Divas”

The concerts “Tres Grandes Voces … Tres Grandes Divas”, in which the Spanish Paloma San Basilio and Pasión Vega will share the stage, and the Dominican Maridalia Hernández, on February 12 and 14, has been postponed to Friday 22 and Saturday July 23 of this year.

The decision of the producers of the show is made in view of the health situation that the Dominican Republic is experiencing in the face of the variant of COVID-19 called Omicron, with almost six thousand cases formally diagnosed per day.

"In this way, the three artists, as well as the production, contribute to guarantee the health of the Dominican public by adhering to the recommendations of the Ministry of Public Health and those of the World Health Organization", explained César Suárez Pisano, artistic entrepreneur responsible for the concerts.

Suárez recalled that in his work in the entertainment area – which is now around 57 years old – it is the first time that he postpones an event. "But the health of the public, the participating artists and the staff members, is above any consideration."Suárez concluded.


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