The complaint of Anauê Rodrigues for not letting him train in the mountains

The MTB cyclist in the Enduro modality, Anaué Rodrigues, wanted to denounce on social networks the obstacles he has suffered in order to train in its modality after being prohibited from climbing a mountain near Alcoy when he was doing descents.

The cyclist himself uploaded a video with this story on his Instagram account asking for solutions to be able to train normally. “I have just been ‘expelled’ from the mountain. I have just made a descent, I was going to make another descent, I was going up and the Generalitat car has passed and has told me that I cannot, that I have to go and that you cannot climb the mountain. So nothing, we have nowhere to train, they are forbidding us to train on the trails. And in the end we have to do something, we are not criminals, we are athletes. I am leading the Spanish Open and where do I train? If it is prohibited. BMX I do not do and if you train BMX you are not training Enduro. The subject is quite complicated “.

Rodrigues, current leader of the Spanish Enduro Open, is one of the great figures of the modality after being junior champion, sub-23 and in the absolute category of the discipline in Brazil. Now he hopes that he will be allowed to train normally again to continue achieving great results and, above all, to continue enjoying his passion for Enduro.

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