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The competition suits Marcos Alonso great

Marcos Alonso the season has started with him Chelsea in a meteoric way and in these first days it has become one of the essentials of Thomas tuchel, ahead of one of the club’s millionaire signings, Ben chilwell. The Spanish footballer has recovered his best version just when he needed it most, since he was one of those indicated to leave the London team in the past transfer markets since Frank Lampard did not do anything good to his career.

According to the newspaper ACE, the Madrid footballer has finished with a stroke of the pen with the competition of Ben Chilwell thanks to his great attitude on the pitch that is allowing him to be one of the most important players for Tuchel since in addition to defending well, he also attacks masterfully , giving assists and even scoring goals, without a doubt betting on him is one of the best decisions that the German coach has made in the London team, although this means dispensing with a player who has cost him a whopping 56 million euros to the club.

Huge problems with Lampard

While Frank Lampard was Chelsea manager, we saw on many occasions how the Englishman did not want to have Marcos Alonso in the ownership since he did not like the way he played. This made the Madrid player perform at a level well below expectations as trust is everything to him, in fact, the legend of the London team wanted him out of the team. Marcos endured, he did not leave, despite the fact that he had great offers on the table and finally Lampard was replaced by Thomas Tuchel, who has not hesitated to give him opportunities, now they are reaping the fruits of his great performance since he is being one of the most featured at this start of the season.


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