The comparison of Rafa Nadal that leaves Djokovic very touched

The beginnings of the 2023 season have several tennis players with a few points ahead

The Swiss tennis player, Stanislas Wawrinka, needed just one hour and 27 minutes to get rid of Alexander Bublik in his first match of the 2023 season and showed that he is reluctant to leave the tennis elite despite his battle against injuries. However, there he took the opportunity to talk about Rafael Nadal.

Currently ranked 148 in the ATP, Wawrinka was elated by his level shown in the first commitment after the preseason and which augurs a year ahead of great illusions. “Personally I am very happy with my game,” he declared. Rafael Nadal after its debut in the United Cup 2023.

The comparison of the manacorí has ​​hit the Serbian

Alexander Bublik was the current loser against the great success that Stanislas Wawrinka has

And it is that for Stanislas Wawrinka, this beginning supposes an injection of morale after a few years marked by injuries and that made him undergo surgery several times, after which he was not the same again. Despite this, he did not give up and once again he is back.

“I think, being back in Australia is always special. The fans are amazing here, they love the sport and come to have fun during the games. There was a great atmosphere tonight and I loved it. I think that’s the first reason I keep going, I love the excitement that I can get.”

The injuries that Rafa Nadal has overcome have been a point of controversy against the Swiss tennis player

However, looking in the mirror of Rafa Nadal or Roger Federer, Wawrinka, who was number three in the world in 2014 and lifted three Grand Slams, believes that returning to the highest level as the Swiss and the Spaniard did after their serious injuries will not it is a realistic goal.

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“I think it’s impossible to compare Rafa with the rest of the players. In my case I had my first big surgery in 2017 and I was back in the top 20. I was playing at a very high level and I was very happy with that. Now I had another operation and I am already 37 years old. I’m not getting any younger.”

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