The company offered Margot Robbie $300,000 for photos of her feet

After the premiere of Barbie on the internet, there is a special interest in Margot Robbie’s feet. In the film, the actress teaches them several times, referring to the change they experience as she begins to acquire human abilities. Let’s remember that dolls are always to the point.

Well, the owner of a website where users pay to see feet thought it would be great for her business and for the actress to have Margot Robbie’s feet on her platform.

That’s why “Liz” offered the actress £250,000 (more than $300,000) as a down payment for exclusive photos of her feet. He also said the sum could be higher given the profits and if Ryan Gosling also joins the negotiations.

“I’d love to work with you on some Barbie-inspired content that will make us both millions.”said “Liz” in a letter in Perth Now. In addition, the platform offers a payout of $300,000 as a starting bonus. If I’m not wrong, we can capitalize on the world’s obsession with all things Barbie.”

“Another major benefit of online content is that you can continue to make money passively. As we know, man has only one goal, ideas live forever.”continues the text.

But how interested would Margot Robbie be in this proposal?

Given Margot’s silence on the letter “Liz” sent her, we can say that she has no interest whatsoever in the proposal to sell photos of her feet.

And if we analyze the situation, even the money offer might not be attractive for Margot, considering that she received almost $ 50 million with Barbie.

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According to Variety Margot Robbie has signed a contract where she will receive bonuses from the Barbie Fund on top of her salary. And we all know that it was a worldwide hit.

In its first few weeks, the Greta Gerwig-directed film grossed more than $1.2 billion and became the highest-grossing film by a woman in history.

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