The Community of Madrid brings together the regional housing pact


The Community of Madrid has held the first technical meeting of the Regional Pact for Housing, after President Isabel Díaz Ayuso announced the mobilization of all public and private actors with a relevant role in this sector.

The Minister of Housing, Transport and Infrastructure, Jorge Rodrigo, chaired this meeting at the Ministry’s headquarters, which was attended by the member organizations and ten other organizations that could join together with the aim of consolidating the Madrid Region as a leader in housing construction. affordable.

Among the various projects being implemented, the creation of a Plus version of Rent Plan and My First Home stands out, which will be strengthened and improved to meet the needs of citizens.

Another measure is the creation of a funding line from the Regional Investment Program (PIR) to encourage the acquisition of municipal land so that new buildings or properties intended for renovation can be built in cities with fewer than 20,000 inhabitants. And the biggest ones are driven hub industrialization at the national level.

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Update of the price of the residential module.

In addition, important tax saving measures will be integrated in this area, such as the income tax deduction to counteract the increase in interest rates on habitual residence mortgage loans, taking the Euribor 2022 as a reference; up to three cumulative surcharges for those who move their residence to a municipality with fewer than 2,500 inhabitants, or the deduction of 1,000 euros for owners who conclude new rental agreements for properties that have been unused for at least a year.

Currently, with the Vive affordable rental plan, the Madrid administration is adding 6,500 houses already allocated in 12 municipalities and another 1,912 in tenders in 10 locations. This leaves a remaining stock of almost 8,500 apartments, to which are added the 1,200 from the Young Solution Plan.

With all this, today they join the 13 original entities that formed the pact: the National Association of Independent Builders (ANCI); that of Shared Real Estate Spaces (COWORD); Urban Land Institute (ULI); the College of Economists of Madrid (CEMAD); the registrars; from quantity surveyors and technical architects; the CIARE group; the building cluster; the Spanish Mortgage Association and REBUILD, the most important professional event in industrialization

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