The coming hours are decisive! 45 thousand police personnel deployed in France

Paris: The French Ministry of Interior has said that the coming hours are decisive, 45,000 police officers have been deployed on the highways after the third day of protests and arson in major cities.

According to foreign media reports, the case of the killing of a young man by the police in Paris has become a serious situation, the French Ministry of Interior has made an important decision and has deployed around 45 thousand police officers on the highways of the country’s major cities.

The Ministry of Interior says that the coming hours are decisive. According to the French government, all options are being considered for the restoration of law and order. Protests and arson incidents continue for the third day in major cities of the country. Demonstrations are being seen.

The French president has said that social media sites should block all sensitive videos on their platforms, as the president has left home without attending the Brussels summit due to the state of emergency in France.

It should be noted that after the killing of a young man by the police in France, around 2000 police personnel have been injured during the protests in different cities for several days. According to the news agency, hundreds of protesters have been arrested by the police so far. Is.

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