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The Colombian killer that Braulio has a shot for Osasuna

Taking advantage of the fact that a coffee player is in the rojilla squad, the sports director does not lose track to bring in a historic scorer in Scottish football, and add him to Jagoba Arrasate’s project.

In the last hours the CA Osasuna closed the signing of the Colombian winger Johan Mojica, and now it could be a striker that Braulio Vázquez brings. He is also a Colombian national, and has had several calls to the coffee team. He was even a historic scorer in his last team, scoring about 124 goals and 60 assists, in just over 5 seasons.

He left the basic forces of Independiente Medellín, went through Finnish soccer (Helsinki) and finally ended up in the historic Rangers of Scotland. We are talking about Colombian striker Alfredo Morelos, who is currently in free agency, ready to work. His renewal with the Scottish team was not given by the footballer’s own decision, since he wants to transcend to a more important league.

Braulio Osasuna
Alfredo Morelos is the top scorer in the history of Rangers FC, with 128 goals.

LaLiga flirts with Morelos, and Osasuna will be his new home if Braulio Vázquez manages quickly

A scorer in free agency tends to spend very little time, as teams want to take advantage of his status to add him for free. That is why he rojillo club He has the great opportunity to add a talented striker at zero cost, who carries his goal-scoring nose almost intact. Morelos is a goal guarantee and he also knows how to move in the offensive field to leave his teammates facing the rival goalkeeper.

The numbers speak for themselves, and the South American attacker has gone down in Rangers history as the top scorer in the almost 151 years it was founded.. Now it could be in the Navarrese team where he leaves his mark, especially if we think that Jagoba Arrasate needs high-performance players for the international competition that is coming up.

Braulio Vázquez speeds up before Osasuna has rivals for Morelos

Johan Mojica has given good references to the Cordoba striker, as they have shared on some occasions wearing the Colombian National Team shirt. It is a matter of time before offers start to rain down on the coffee attacker, and the idea of ​​the rojillo manager is to give the player a word as soon as possible.

Regarding his salary, Alfredo Morelos had a record of 2 million euros a year, and could earn a little more at CA Osasuna. This in order to convince the striker from Cereté, who would say yes to play in one of the 5 most important leagues in Europe and the world. With this contract, the rojillo team would add its first offensive reinforcement of the 2023 summer market.

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