“The collector”, based on the success of Fermín, in gala on 29

Félix Fermín has been a historical manager in the Dominican and Caribbean ball, and all his achievements have been collected in a documentary that will be screened at the premiere gala on the 29th of this at the Cinema Centro in Santiago.

The film work has been made by the CinePlus production company, a specialist in sports-related film productions.

Previously, this production company has brought to the screen the documentaries El Milagro Verde, about the victory of the Eastern Stars in 2019 after a 50-year drought. Also, “A 11 Pasos”, with the triumph of the Cibao FC team of the Dominican soccer championship that same year .. And recently “Olympic Heroes”, the Dominican Medalists 1984-2021, were presented.

The work around Félix Fermín is called the collector, for all the trophies and champion rings that the famed manager of the Aguilas Cibaeñas has collected.

In those triumphs, 6 national crowns stand out, of the 22 that the Eagles have, being the number one of all time in Lidom, surpassing Manuel Mota and Felipe Alou, both with 4.

Also, the 6 crowns achieved in the Caribbean Series, always in front of the Eagles, also occupying the first position.

The collector has been prepared by the journalist Héctor J. Cruz as Executive Producer, with the assistance of Neftalí Ruiz and the editing of Ricky Hernández and Lisandro Pichardo, the script has been written by the journalist Tuto Tavarez, and the narration by Santana Martínez, journalist and narrator from Las Aguilas. It is sponsored by the Cibao International Airport and the endorsement of the General Directorate of Cinema.

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Fermín himself tells his story, giving testimonies of the different stages of his life, both as an amateur, professional player and as a manager. He had a good time in the Major Leagues and was a shortstop for the Eagles for more than 15 years, before taking over as manager in 2000. He also contains testimonies from his former teammates Tony Peña. Chilote Llenas, Luis Polonia, and others. From his family, his wife Sobeida and their children, as well as directors of the Aguilas Cibaeñas.

The documentary will be presented on the 29th, at 6 in the afternoon at the Cinema Centro of the Plaza Internacional, Juan Pablo Duarte avenue, in Santiago. It is expected that he can remain on the billboard at said cinema for several weeks so that the Cibao public can appreciate the life of this successful baseball man.


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